The Frugal Investor


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"Self-described ex-stockbroker, now "asset manager," Spiering has a low opinion of his former fellow registered representatives, calling them less-than-knowledgeable "licensed pickpockets." To avoid the fleecing he says is inevitable, Spiering provides unusual advice on how investors can minimize or eliminate altogether brokers' sales commissions, intermediary fees, and transaction fees by purchasing or taking advantage of U.S. Treasury Department instruments, short-term CDs, dividend reinvestment (DRIP) and optional cash purchase plans, no-load funds, and discount brokerage houses.

One of his suggestions is to buy only single shares of those stocks that have DRIPs, and have additional shares accumulate through automatic purchases using dividends. He also serves up a potluck of investment cornerstones, rules, and commandments by sampling tips from "investors" as varied as Peter Lynch (One Up on Wall Street and Beating the Street), M*A*S*H* television series dropout Wayne Rogers, and Chicago newspaperman and playwright Ben Hecht. Spiering also considers the often overlooked aspect of portfolio liquidation, explaining when best to draw down or reallocate assets. Recommended for popular investment collections."
David Rouse

Sample Excerpts from “The Frugal Investor”

“Stockbrokers make money whether you win, lose, or break even – so increasing the number and size of transactions is the name of their game, even for the honest ones.”

Scott Spiering, Anchor Bay Founder and Chief Portfolio Manager – “The Frugal Investor”

“Unless you’ve been in the business…it would be almost impossible to know that limited partnerships and annuities pay better commissions than CD’s, T-Bills, or even stocks. And when your broker assures you there’s no commission – be even warier. Investment product sponsors have other ways to compensate the sales force…A ‘commission-less’ bond or a Class B share of a bond fund has., in fact, a commission built into the quoted price which never shows up on your statement.”

Scott Spiering, Anchor Bay Founder and Chief Portfolio Manager – “The Frugal Investor”