Annuities & Insurance



Annuities are available to those who seek tax deferred earnings and have the ability to make unlimited contributions.

An individual purchases a deferred annuity contract issued by an insurance company that offers a fixed or variable investment option from which to choose. An annuitant receives a steady stream of income payments at retirement depending on the distribution option chosen or may be able to receive a lump-sum distribution. A fixed annuity pays an interest rate guaranteed by the issuing insurance company, which can change annually. A variable annuity’s value depends on performance of its underlying investments. There’s no limit on annual contributions to an annuity.

Although fixed and variable annuities can often play a critical role in, for example, estate planning, they are sometimes sold to the wrong investors. Annuities can be an important investment option, but only in appropriate situations. It’s important, then, for investors to receive expert guidance in deciding whether they should purchase annuities. The investment professional at Anchor Bay can help you make these decisions.


Life insurance can often play a critical role in estate planning.

The investment professional at Anchor Bay can help you determine whether the use of life insurance is an appropriate estate planning option for you.


Disability insurance protects against the risk of your income being interrupted.

Disability insurance is designed to replace a certain percentage of your gross income on a tax-free basis (when paid personally) should an illness or accident prevent you from earning an income in your occupation. Since disability insurance policies vary widely in quality, let the investment professionals at Anchor Bay help you with your disability insurance needs.